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Starting on August 14, 2020, Perigousse is undergoing some important changes for the school year.

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Perigousse is crafted for high school students.

This blog is for those looking for content written about high school student life. Every week, there are 5 topics covered— meaning an entire post daily! Perigousse publishes (or posts) on 5 days of the week, each day focusing on a specific student-related topic.

study space

studying tips, course reviews, education-focused content
polish up

fitness, skincare, improving-focused content
journey to code

learning to code, pov of a novice, coding-focused content
couch talk

mindfulness, feelings, emotions-focused content
alphabet soup

anything and everything, scribble page of thoughts

Everything is written by me, Sophia. I’m a high school student from the US who wants to create, share, and promote my favourite resources and experiences with all of you!

The goal of Perigousse is to interact with high school students (and other students too!) who want words written from the eyes of another student. Being a student myself, I’ve handled procrastination, large workloads, and emotional turbulence just like every other teenager. Hopefully, through Perigousse, we can all grow through this together.

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